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Focus Areas

MBC Isarrauschen offers smart and innovative communications solutions for your business. Learn more about our intelligent B2B and B2C strategies.

We realize future-oriented communications strategies for your company. We know the areas that are defining our time and that will shape the world in the coming years. Smart Industry, Smart Living and Smart-up will all attract increasing focus in the future. You too could make the most of the possibilities offered by the ever-expanding technological horizons.

Smart companies anticipate the new possibilities of the future

Digitalisation, the Cloud, Industry 4.0: areas such as these generate innovation, progress and positive change. Companies are developing completely new business models and as a consequence are opening doors to new target groups. We are trusted by our clients with the pioneering trends that are shaping tomorrow. We build bridges and connect contemporary digital trends such as Digital Work, the Internet of Things, Workplace Experience, Employee Experience, Customer Experience and Customer Journey with the relevant target groups and touchpoints. We understand how production data in interplay with the Cloud can bring about seamless, individualized and inspiring experiences for users. We know that from B2B must come B2Everyone. From B2B must come B2B2C, and B2B is the new B2C. MBC Isarrauschen provides new connections in the field of digital transformation, combining current trends and topics in order to grow positive awareness of your brand.

Themenwelt Smart Living Details
Smart Living

A connected life begins in your own home and spreads from there into numerous areas. A small number of clicks can make a lot happen. Innovations should promote interconnectivity, make tasks easier and enable intuitive use. This is precisely what we try to communicate. Learn more here…

Digitalization has arrived in our homes. Smart Living makes our everyday tasks and experiences easier. From electricity created with photovoltaic technology across network beneficial and IT-connected energy storage through to Electromobility. The goal of providing end users with the best possible experiences is still to be reached. We believe that we know the path to achieving these goals and we know how to talk about it. Smart Living means more than the simple inter-connection of useful things that simplify and improve the smooth running of the day. Clever communication strategies are needed if innovations in Smart Living are to truly enter the mainstream. We bring smart ideas and future-oriented consumers together. B2C.
Themenwelt Smart Industry Details
Smart Industry

The vision of smart companies makes tomorrow's innovations attainable today. The world of Smart Industry encapsulates many areas of application – and we know how to communicate these in a focused way. To find out how, click here…

The possibilities for bringing innovation to life are more diverse today than ever before. Thanks to digitalization, companies now have access to new technologies that network, simplify and speed up the production process. Forward-looking companies will, in future, go about their business with a touch more intelligence. This is the world of Smart Industry. The Cloud, the Internet of Things and CRM systems all create new space for innovation. Information Technology and Communications Technology will function as significant driving forces for businesses moving forward. There exists a harmonious triad of digitalization, networking and new technologies. From today this represents the DNA and digital business model for companies. We know how Smart Industry works. We also know how to communicate your business' innovations within the area of B2B in a targeted and effective way.
Themenwelt Smart-Up Details

Smart-ups stand for new ideas. These tend to begin small. To enable Smart-ups to concentrate on their business strengths, we provide them with tailor-made communications strategies to support them on their individual journeys.

Tomorrow's global ideas often begin small and right on the doorstep. In order that small companies like smart-ups are able to concentrate on the execution of their goals, we support them with tailored strategies. Whether you have a start-up or a smart-up, we can help you so that you can concentrate on your vision and ideas. Concepts and markets will become networked. Pioneering innovations in the Energy, IT and Health sectors often begin in small form in Smart Living und Smart Industry. MBC Isarrauschen will support you and your ideas with intelligent strategies for your business communication across all relevant channels. We are convinced that brilliant ideas should be just as brilliantly communicated. We believe in the power of small businesses that see a big future ahead - and that will grow to make it reality.

Let´s work together!

We are happy to provide details of further reference projects on request. Please feel free to approach us with your requests at any time. If you would like to learn more about our business and ourselves then feel free to get in touch.