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Positive business development and future-oriented communication are the foundation of every branch.

We offer you tailored solutions for Communication, Graphic Design, Social Media, Advertising, Corporate Publishing - and consistently valuable consultancy across many branches. Key topics such as the Internet of Things, Smart Home and the Cloud are decisive factors in achieving success across many areas.
Branchenschwerpunkt IT & E-Health Details

IT & E-Health

Complicated subjects communicated with responsibility.
Information technologies have an ever-growing influence on our lives. From the Internet of Things, across applications in Smart Home through to the Cloud, new technologies that break the mould can be found across all future impacting areas. In order for progressive solutions to be profitable and sensible, two things become elementary: The ability to explain complex issues in simple terms and clearly formulating the significance of the innovation. We are passionate about doing this. The team at MBC Isarrauschen has worked successfully for many years with leading IT companies – in the hardware, software and solutions businesses -in both B2B and B2C. We have access to the right network of media and other stakeholders that can breathe life and understanding into the most challenging of subjects.
Branchenschwerpunkt Erneuerbare Energie Details

Renewable Energy

New drive for innovation
The energy revolution represents the beginning of a new age. In the future we'll require more energy than ever to drive innovation. Just a few years ago '100% renewable energy' represented a form of utopia. Today we're already touching 50% as we continue on the path towards a complete changeover. Nevertheless, some technologies are still at the very beginning of their lifecycles. They require acceptance, are in need of explanation, have to assert themselves in the face of traditional understanding – and this is where one of our greatest strength lies: For over a decade we have supported our customers in the market for renewable energies. We help our clients achieve increased brand awareness and specialize in communicating complex material in the product and project areas in ways that are simple to understand. In addition we support you in your communication with investors. We are in a constant exchange with the relevant people from media, science and politics. Together with our strong partner network we are able to implement strategies that have global impact. In short: We provide you with the tools to bring new forms of energy to life.
Branchenschwerpunkt Automotive & Mobility Details

Automotive & Mobility

From alternative drive technologies to interconnected mobility.
The automobile industry is the flagship of the German economy. The spine of the automotive branch is the multitude of highly specialized suppliers and component manufacturers. They see themselves as facing the particular challenge of successfully operating in a highly competitive and global market. And that's not all. The branch consistently demands new solutions that allow its innovations to move into the mainstream. Alternative drive technologies, digitalisation, autonomous driving (self-driving vehicles) and the networking of mobility – all represent new challenges and opportunities for the automotive sector. Delivering the highest quality, achieving comprehensive brand awareness and building a strong reputation have long been the decisive factors in achieving success. We help you to positively stand out in a market characterized by high levels of competition. The team from MBC Isarrauschen is at home in the world of mobility. We would love to develop target achieving image campaigns for your diverse customer projects and help you to regularly address your target groups.

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